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Original post by: Philip Le Riche ,


Wish list: Skinny 1/4" driver extension


Every decent 1/4" driver set has one of these extenders:


I have at least three.

But domestic and kitchen equipment often has deeply recessed security screws and those extenders can be too fat for the recess holes.

I got myself a 50 piece set of 60mm 1/4" security bits but they're not always long enough. And I really notice their weight in my tool bag when I go to a repair event.

What I'd really like is an extender no wider than the diagonal width of a 1/4" bit (around 7mm, chamfered).

A 1/4" shaft with 6 hardened steel fingers on the end to grip the bit is what I have in mind. And for the cherry on the cake, how about a good strong neodymium magnet amongst the fingers to magnetise the bit and pull that pesky screw out of its hole?

So how about it, iFixit? And while you're at it, a similar 4mm extender might just come in handy too.

Regards - Philip

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