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Original post by: fixitskiaddict1 ,


MacBook Pro Mid 2009 guides need slight improvement


This is not a question, more in the line of feedback.  I've used several guides for my MacBook Pro Mid 2009 and they've all been great.  However, this past weekend I replaced the internal hard disk and while disconnecting the battery I managed to also disconnect the tiny ribbon cable next door to it......which turned out to control sleep/wake on clamshell close/open behaviour!!  The cable is so tiny and flat that it actually looks like a plastic tag much like a tiny version of what you use to lift the hard disk out of its niche in the machine.  Reconnecting it was easy once I took a good look at it to correctly position it, a firm push and a nice positive ''click'' and I knew it was all good.

I just thought perhaps someone should update the various guides that talk about disconnecting the battery, to make sure people know to be '''very''' careful in that area.  Any slip of the spudger could end up dislodging this ribbon cable.

While my machine had its back off I took this photo, in case anyone is interested.  The battery connector is outlined in blue and the little ribbon cable is in the red circle.


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