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Original post by: oldturkey03 ,


@kyle and everybody at ifixit, a big '''Thank You''' for this. @kaykay @kelsea @sam @evan and many other on your team, have been an incredible source of ongoing support and inspiration. They are the people that keep me going when frustrations set in. Yes, volunteering can cause frustrations and burn-out ;-).  It has been and continues my pleasure to help anybody out that needs help. iFixit is probably the best cause and the best forum to do so. I am so glad that I joined this community almost 8 years ago. Just to put those eight years of my life in some sort of perspective, my daughter had just started High School and has now finished her university education and is married to a great guy. So many things have changed, yet some have been the same. The increased resistance to provide us, the consumer, with the means to fix our stuff! We must continue to work together as a united group in breaking down the system that continues to allow this to happen. I am a big supporter of the Right to Repair and I will continue to support this cause any which way I can.

I am convinced that we can achieve this if we all continue to work together, nurture ( @pccheese @captainsnowball ) and support each other and help grow the Right to Repair movement. Now let's go and fix something.