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Original post by: oldturkey03 ,


@mayer @refectio @arbaman @nick I do agree with the general idea. Yes, I get it.It’s a PITA for the individual but is it really a widespread issue? Are retaliatory downvotes really that much of an issue for Answers? Maybe we can come up with a way of moderating those away. Like some kind of override for the mods to cancel those downvotes.  I believe that we should not make it to complicated and allow people the right to pass a vote; up or down, no matter. It would be great if we were at a point where votes will have to be explained before being cast.

@kyle to compromise maybe the upvoting could remain as you outlined. The downvoting should be 0 until a reputation of 500 points has been achieved. After that limit downvotes to 5 per day.