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Original post by: Antonio Assetto ,


Step 33 references the top of the phone, but photo shows the bottom?


In changing the battery in my Motorola Z Play phone, I reached step 33 and ended up putting the adhesive pad on wrong. The written instructions stressed (in red) looking for a pattern in the adhesive pad that matched a part on the top of the phone. So I looked at the photo and matched the pattern shown and placed it on the top edge of the phone. After pressing it down and removing the plastic I saw that the patterns did not match the phone parts. Looking at the photo again I then saw the charge plug on the edge of the phone in the photo and realized that this was the bottom of the phone, not the top. Why would you reference the top of the phone in the written part of the instructions, then show the bottom part of the phone in the photo associated with it??? The mistake I made has now cost me an additional $15 for another adhesive pad and shipping. Perhaps you can reword the instructions or change the photo to help prevent other people from making the same mistake.

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