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Original post by: kjohnst ,


If, hypothetically, the virus suddenly worsened, hospitals ICU’s would be overwhelmed and sick people turned away. In such a case, we might need to provide life support for neighbors and loved ones for several days at home.  I see that the earliest mechanical ventilators are bulb type that are operated by a human attendant.  This is a little like CPR until the ambulance arrives.  I also thought one could make a simple device from a bulb siphon or a bicycle pump.  Obviously, the power and control are all human volunteer powered.  I realize that this is a type of emergency life support until proper help can be obtained and should never be used unless the case was immediate risk of death.  I was trained in CPR and Stop the Bleed where you need to know how to act in life/death situations if no professional was available.  I don’t think we will get to this point, but you know most of us have a box of matches and candles in a box,  just in case.  A topic might be about how to rig one of household items, how to disinfect, how to administer, assuming volunteers would sit and do the monitoring and work around the clock.  If my wife was dying of respiratory failure and hospitals were closed, I would try about anything to keep her alive.   I am a retired systems engineer and am not trying to be inflamitory, only just trying to have a plan D in case plans A, B and C don’t work out.