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Original post by: Sandra Hiller ,


Hi Leon!

First of all, thank you so much for creating that new device and the 2 guides for it!

When a Device is created, it does not automatically end up in the category from which it was created. To sort it, you should set the category in the upper right part of the window when editing it (in the language it was created in, navigate to the category first to get the correct name):


This will also remove the [flag|no area], which is added automatically as long as no category is selected.

I think in your case, it might have happened that this Category field was not available, as the necessary reputation for editing this is 500 by default.

For this one, I’ve added the category for you and removed the flags, however, there was one thing I noticed: Even if you’d created an English text (which is indeed the best way to proceed, creating the EN device page first and then translating it), you didn’t change your language setting on the top right, therefore the English text was displayed in the German version.  (I’ve changed that for you already for this time ;-)

More information about creating a device page can be found here:

If ever you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach me at

We’re very much looking forward to your next contributions!

All the best,