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Original post by: Marty Kearns ,


Great Project!!    — '''Getting toolboxes ready? Anything special in the user manuals?'''

Items required by user manuals and expected based on work with ventilators ''(details are important for developing countries and in places that might be new working with ventilators or volunteers showing  up to help)''

As demand requires many more ventilators into hospitals and field units, what are the secondary and tertiary effects and consequences that can be predicted?   Most easily, is that the units will break and need repairs.  Are we sure that all items in the repair and maintenance routines are available?

Frequent decontamination of the equipment will be required. The fastest way of achieving this at present is to train the workforce to handle decontamination.

Some patients (non-infected) but who are already on support systems may have to be moved to houses and their homes will have to be prepared for at least a few weeks and family members or caretakers will have to be trained in this.

''Procedures on should be performed by trained and authorized personnel only. Maintenance should only be undertaken by competent individuals who have a general knowledge of and experience with devices of this nature. No repairs should ever be undertaken or attempted by anyone not having such qualifications.''