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Original post by: Dan ,


The next wave may not be the virus its self but the lack of man power to keep the food industry working!

Here in Boston we are still seeing massive shortages of basic foods and supplies. Some of it I’m sure is panic buying but a lot of it is the inability to process and produce the raw materials coming from the farms.

We see massive waste in all facets at the farms milking herds being culled, chickens turkeys, pigs & steer euthanized and buried. Farmers plowing under all kinds of vegetables and fruits which can’t be harvested and fields left unplanted!

To add to that some produce still needs to be hand picked like tomatoes, melons & squashes. The work force tended to be laborers from outside of the country as the pay was low and working conditions are hard. As all work visas have been canceled who is doing this work?

The work force across all of the low paying jobs are often living in larger households or  barracks on a farm, a ripe place for transmission of a contagious virus!

We need to develop better regional farming and better housing for all!

Here in the cities we are working on creating what we call freedom gardens. Taking over unused plots of land that can be fenced off to create raised bed planters to grow vegetables and fruits!

We are also looking at what we need to do to get our local farmers more productive and help develop new lands for farming. We are also looking at processing facilities and warehousing locally as come this winter food will be in short supply if we can’t get the larger agriculture and food producers working at full production soon.