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Original post by: Kerry Maeve Sheehan ,


Join the Fight: Tell Us How You’ve Fixed Medical and Assistive Devices


Hi there!

Kerry from iFixit here.

Have you fixed (or tried to fix) your own, a friend’s, or a family member’s medical equipment or assistive device?

We’re supporting Right to Repair legislation in a number of states that, if passed, would help people fix their medical equipment and assistive devices. This legislation would require manufacturers to make available to device owners the repair information, specialized tools, and replacement parts (like batteries) needed to safely and successfully repair their equipment - so they don’t have to wait days, weeks, or months to get their devices fixed.

How You Can Help

We’re collecting stories from people who have fixed (or tried to fix) medical devices–for yourself, or for a friend. Your stories will help us make the case for DIY and self-repair of medical equipment and assistive devices with state legislatures. From powered wheelchairs, to nebulizers and blood glucose meters - we want to hear about it!

With your consent, we’d love to share these stories with the legislators considering these bills, and with your representatives as well. Be sure to tell us your zip code so we can send it to the right people.

And, if you’re open to it, we might be able to include some stories in an article talking about the problem.

Tell your story by filling out [link||this form.]

Thanks so much for your help! If you have any other ideas for how iFixit can help people keep their medical and assistive devices working, we’re all ears!


Kerry Maeve Sheehan

US Policy Lead


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