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Original post by: Annette Fuller ,


Hi Darryl,

Thanks for the feedback! We appreciate hearing from you.

I'm not personally involved with our negotiations with our shipping carriers, or the calculations for handling fees, but I can assure you that we do our best to pass on the best deals possible to our customers. We're not like the big companies like Amazon, who can subsidize shipping costs with their other profits. We've grown so much since the company was started, but not quite enough yet to qualify for that kind of status. :)

There could also be pricing tiers with the shipping companies we use, based on how many packages we ship out a day. It seems to me like we ship out a lot, but probably only a small fraction of what larger companies send out.

Rest assured, we are constantly re-evaluating the process and costs, trying to make everything as efficient and cost effective as possible.

Thanks again for your feedback!