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Original post by: mayer ,


Maybe a few hints oR a guide on how to ship would be in order ;-0

I get a few requests every year from people around the for me to fix their machines but loss most because of the high shipping costs.  For instance I fixed a MacBook Pro 15"  for a guy in Shanghai and the slow FedEx rate was $55 each way.  That plus packing costs really kills my business.  South America slaps on huge tariffs.  Canada adds import costs to the tune of 40%.  Yet I can buy Mac parts out of China with free shipping (of course their Government is probably subsidizing this.

It can be really hard to make a living with these shipping costs.

I was looking at retiring to Ecuador and doing repairs by mail but the tariffs in then out on the machine make that impossible.  Plus the costs on the parts are hit.

It would be nice to hear insider tips on how to ship.