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Original post by: pdx ,


Spudgers and Black Sticks


Good afternoon. I would like to make a recommendation. I worked as a repair technician in Apple Retail for a number of years, and our store experimented with a number of black sticks/spudgers. The one you sell is the most common one, but the best one we ever found was one made by a company called Intertronics. On the stick itself is their URL: You can find them on the internet by searching for something like "ITS800 black stick." I would love for a reseller other them MCM Electronics to make these available in the US because other then my set of Wiha tools I got from Apple Retail, I buy everything else from you guys. I am down to my last Intertronics black stick, and MCM's shipping costs are nuts, especially for such a small sized order. $20 to ship a small box of black sticks?! Thanks -Ben

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