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Original post by: jessabethany ,


Topics to discuss at Unconference:

Status and challenges of the Right to Repair movement.

Best Practices in_______:

Marketing--social media, website SEO, in-store promotions

iPad Screen Repair--pressure sensitive adhesives

Employee Training and Retention

Pre/post repair device checks

Part sourcing and inventory management

Accessory sales and promotions

Business Development--how to score school/govt contracts

Fixing odd stuff--what have you fixed, how do you seek these repairs

Signature problems and common epidemics--diagnosis and troubleshooting

Device refurbishing--profitability, sourcing devices, sales

Industry certification/standards development

Less interesting to most but still on the list:  iFixit Answers Community

^seems like a lot of the suggested topics on here fall in that category.  I would encourage folks to think more broadly about a repair conference than forum issues.

I think most people will be drawn to this conference as a way to connect with peers and share information about the business of running a repair shop in lieu of CTIA---so anything that is discussed with a margarita in hand is valid.