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Being a respectful forum member

Hi All

We seem to have gotten too far from the original purpose of this forum. I would ask our members to remember that this is a question forum for concerns relating to our DIY repair site, Sometimes repair businesses and personal lives get into the mix, and that's cool, building a community is nice.

In Harvey Weinsteins backlash on my business, we are no longer building that community.

For this forum at large, I would appreciate if you stuck to the helpful, respectful, questions and answers rather than arguments and the denigration of strangers. Politics don't need to come into this.

In the case of the above post, specifically: All businesses and interactions with human beings carry risk, regardless of people involved. Checks bounce, customers claim a screen replacement killed their wifi, life goes on. There's no reason to chalk this up to political climate, current events, or a gendered issue.

I hope that the referenced Answers post can be helpful to someone running a repair business from their home, but if that topic becomes buried in unhelpful extra chatter, it will be deleted.

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The comments under Nick's post are irrelevant and need to be deleted. But the question is very repair (business) related and by one of our site's best contributors, hence I believe it should be kept.


I've deleted the post and reworded it to fix the bad wording in the original, @pccheese. The original was bad, but the advice stands.


Thanks for redrafting your post, @nick !

And thanks for your helpful, ontopic responses by the way @pccheese , I appreciate them :)


Yeah; there was no viable way to redraft it without a delete and rewrite.


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@sam I would opt to shut that particular discussion down. It is absolutely relevant but not on here. Bottom line follow the golden rule and treat everybody with the respect they deserve.

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