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Padraic Hoselton is extremely helpful on iFixit

I want to say @paperboypaddy is doing amazing edits on wiki pages! He fixed up formatting and made it look very nice! moved, edited, and added info all into the right areas! this must've taken several hours to do. @paperboypaddy, All your edits (except for 1 or 2 of them) have been accepted by me. keep up the great work!

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Thanks Aiden! :)


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I’ve been working on MacBook Air and pro wikis by adding new tech spec sections! Trying to have every Apple iFixit wiki to have Tech Specs. I’m getting all my information at Apple Tech Spec support page.

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@paperboypaddy I've seen your edits—you have been busy! Thanks for all the hard work. BTW I have a suggestion/challenge for you: when writing on iFixit, try to create original content as much as possible, without copy-pasting from other sites. We're careful not to use copyrighted material without permission, and our search rankings can take a hit if we're found duplicating content. Of course, it's tricky with something like tech specs! It helps you've done such a nice job picking key specs rather than just copying the entire list, and reformatting it with wiki markups (which you are really good at BTW). I think both of those help a lot. If you want to go a bit further, you can rewrite each spec so it reads a bit differently—for example, "2436-by-1125-pixel resolution at 458 ppi" could be "2436 × 1125 resolution (458 ppi)" or however you prefer it to read. It's a small difference, but Apple device pages are seen by millions of people, so it's worth the extra seconds. Keep up the awesome work! :)


Thank you! I’ve been mostly copying and pasting from Apples site and only using the important info. It takes a while to copy and paste on my phone. I hope I haven’t been taking copyright material, I’ll check.


@jeffsu I have a question about copyright. If a site says "all rights reserved" is it fine if I use it?


@paperboypaddy "All rights reserved" means Apple reserves the right to give other people permission to use it. While they will probably not pursue litigation for copying spec sheets, we'd prefer you not post any directly copy-pasted content on iFixit.

Instead, paraphrase the content, modify or condense it it slightly, or just post a link to it instead.


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