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What are the deductions to rep for when I'm cleaning out the forum?

Hellooo fine people,

I’m trying to clean out the 1000’s of “me too””but mines a..” type of comments that are clogging up all the fine answers and comments that have been given in the answers forum.

I know we get deducted points for downvotes and there is a cost for offensive or spam answers.

My concern is that if I keep tidying up I may delete some of the comments from our regular contributors and they will be fined. For example I deleted a “me too” comment that had a response from jayeff, it wasnt the same device or problem as the original question so to me is off topic/duplicate.

hoping for some clarification

cheers, Jen


have just seen OT03, mayer and danj on the youtube thing….awesome movie guys, and so nice to put faces to names xxx

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I move most of those “me too” posts to comments under the OP original question. This retains any comments made to that post.

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I also do that converting them to comments and putting them under the best answer (based question or answer when it applies)


i have done that, and then i decided the "me too" button is for that stuff. 75 comments on one answer all "me too-ing" got to me.. or perhaps it was the wine. I'm not too worried about the deleting, just the loss of rep to one of you guys if you reply back to them. In all honesty they should be swapped to a question if we catch it on the day... or invited to change it. Most of these people are not return visitors (ie have rep of 1)


@pollytintop I think the prudent thing would be to remove all of the “me too”, regardless of who left it. Most of the regulars do know not to leave “me too’s”


if I delete the comment as "duplicate" is there a deduction to rep? to anyone?


@pollytintop No there is not. Only deduction are spam for -100, downvotes -6 and -2 for the one that does the downvote. Duplicates do not carry a deduction


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