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I finally did it...

Well, after 3 months of hard work I finally surmounted 10,000 reputation.

  • 408 Post upvotes
  • 98 accepted answers (the most important part)
  • 8 admin approved guides (and one featured guide, thank you @arthurshi !)
  • 25 guide translations (world language teachers from my high school helped me out with this one)
  • 37 guide completions
  • 19 posts with a link to my guide upvoted
  • Accepting 13 answers
  • 8 guide likes
  • 43 patrolled edits to guides accepted
  • 1 approved wiki
  • 11 patrolled guide edits accepted
  • 9 categorizations accepted (yes, I made the Mac mini 2018 and the MBA 2018 device pages)
  • 7 patrolled edits to guide intros accepted
  • 6 patrolled edits to wikis accepted
  • Downvoted 5 posts (-10 reputation)

Back in August when i first came across this site and answered my first question I never thought I would get past 100 rep on this site. Geez was I wrong.

I would certainly not be where I am today if y’all weren’t supporting me like you do. The intention of this post is to thank everyone who got me to this point, not to boast or brag about my reputation. @oldturkey03 please, if you have nothing nice to say just don’t say anything.

Special thanks to @mayer for continually supporting me as I climb my ranks. I have learned so much from you, you have taught me to answer questions helpfully and to not waste my time answering things in ways people cannot comprehend. It’s also a great feeling to have the person with arguably the most reputation on this site ( @mr2incredible has the most rep, but technically he is disqualified from the rep system due to him being a staff member) helping someone that is 14 years of age become better as a user.

@oldturkey03 I may have just picked on you above but do know that I am thankful for all of the upvotes you have given me. I was simply shocked to see you get aggressive with me the other day and say that I “only care about rep and badges”. That is certainly not true and it never will be. If I didn’t care about helping people with their electronics I would not be on this site, rather I would be playing video games and watching Netflix. Just know that I do care about more then rep and badges.

One huge thank you to all of my supporters. THANK YOU!

Update (11/07/2018)

@adamocamb literally stole the Mac mini Late 2018 wiki from me, mildly annoying…

Update (11/07/2018)

I just reached 100 accepted answers, which means I have helped 100 people here on iFixit. :-)

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@ajcooke01 in light of recent developments I would expect a full retraction of your attempt of calling me out upon your return.


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When do you go to school?

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7:30 AM to 2:30 PM MST Monday to Friday. I have 4 “blocks” of class a day, one of the four blocks is an off block where I have time for iFixit. I sneak in some time before and after each class/block too.

I have a late start today so I get to go to school at 9:30 AM.


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