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Someone in Apple is watching us! - In a good way for its customers!


Well, Apple appears to have learned on how IFIXIT does the battery replacement kits for the MacBooks and is borrowing the technique!

Apple Says Battery Can Be Replaced Individually in New MacBook Air With Retina Display

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Saves them time and money too!


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One more big repair they can steal from third party repair people. Are they going to give me or iFixit an overriding royalty for teaching them how to do it?

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Seeing as they already don't want to pay Qualcomm's royalties I doubt it. LOL.


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Yeah! Great news. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a removable battery and upgradeable RAM from Apple.

Let’s hope this is the beginning of a trend!

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Let’s hope Apple is moving away from laughable thermal issues like the core i9 MBP with the new thermal tech they put in the Mac mini.


I'm holding my breath we'll see professional machines like the old school MBP with upgradeable RAM and standard SSD's in the future again. A rMBP with legacy ports and the upgradeability of the old models is something we desperately need.

Even if Apple makes the OEM drive AASP only but uses NVMe, I'm totally okay with that. Ideally, we should be able to buy the OEM drives but an NVMe interface will make up for not being able to buy them from Apple. The 17" MBP is probably long dead; it sucks but a 15" rMBP with the upgrade headroom we had before 2012 will make up for that casualty.


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