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Request for Giles - Minho to made a moderator

In my opinion Giles, Minho

@refectio has show extensive knowledge of his craft, maturity, dedication to helping others on an extended basis as exhibited over the last couple of years and a high degree of professionalism and has earned the status of an Answers Moderator. I feel he would be an excellent and welcome addition to our esteemed group.

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I’ve also requested he be a moderator in the past too due to his activity and content knowledge. It’s time!

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Thanks for the kind words Richard...I really enjoy contributing to this site. I know it sounds crazy but I have learned so much answering all of these questions. It forces me to research and put my thoughts together in such a way as to help the OP and anyone else who will look at it in the future.

That's not to say I don't cringe when I see some of my earlier answers ;>). At any always have to move forward otherwise you get bogged down in the past.

As for being moderator, that would indeed be an honour (note the proper spelling :>). I certainly can't invest the same amount of time as you, Mike and Dan but I think I can offer valuable help just like jayeff and pollytintop do on a consistent basis.


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@refectio awesome decision on your part :-)


@refectio ,

Maybe now as a force of 3 "English spelling" moderators we can persuade TWMBO to allow us to add to the spellchecker dictionary so as to reduce the number of "incorrectly" spelt words being shown when we're answering a question. ;-)

Seriously, glad that you are able and willing to do it.



Thanks guys! What's TWMBO?


@jayeff Did you see where Giles is from? His French is probably as good as his English.


@refectio Great! You'll receive an onboarding email within the week explaining the next steps.


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