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Things that should have been added to the new SSD video - the video in question.

I’m glad the clone guide has been put to bed and has never come back - good night and good riddance. However, the new video has 2 minor shortcomings that may or may not be needed (but may not be a bad idea to include).

The first one is pre-2011 Macs and the SATA III issue. These do not support SATA III, so the owner will need to find a SATA I/II compatible SSD to avoid problems. The second is a warning about the hard drive cable in 2011 machines would have also been welcome, since any 2011 it hasn’t been done on needs it addressed in order to avoid having issues with the new drive.

In addition, some 2012’s use the old cable and at least need to be checked before trusting the cable will work. That said, they usually die anyway, and you usually end up buying a 2012 cable to replace it. 2012’s with the old cable are usually a no harm no foul situation - it’s the 2011 that gets people.

To be fair, a good chunk of us know better then to trust that original HD cable but based on what we see in Answers, a lot of the people asking about it don’t know it’s because of the original SATA cable. I changed mine out pretty much as soon as possible so I can consider mine SSD ready (and it had performance issues, which is usually a cable near the end of it’s life), but even if it worked I also knew better then to use the cable my machine came with based on some of the problems folks seem to have when you don’t replace it.

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Hey there @nick and thanks for pointing these out. Although SATA III is backwards compatible with SATA I/II, it's certainly true that pre-2011 Macs have a problem with SATA III drives. I've notified our video team and I'll let you know of any changes. Thanks again @nick !


@jogihara the problem is fixed SATA III. Backwards compatible drives are fine.

As far as the cable goes the video team will know how to present it but if you can find a bad cable Mac and show the upgrade that may be the way to go with a blanket warning to check and replace it if it's the legacy part.


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@jogihara give this to them as a reference to what the bad cable looks like. They’ll need to do better then I did, as I took these for Answers:

Block Image

Block Image

These are the trouble cables - I lost mine somewhere so until I find it, I can’t give you additional clues to pass on. I’d probably recommend ordering the cable for 2011 and checking it on a 2012, but ordering it just in case.


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Sounds good. I haven't heard anything new from the video team yet but they're aware of this situation. Thanks for all the help @nick !


@jogihara Yeah. Look at Answers and you instantly see how disaster-prone this cable is with a fast drive. It works, but it's prone to I/O errors and instability. It doesn't hurt the drive, but you know something is up.

I ripped it out before I replaced the drive to get a restart just in case and to give me SSD headroom (or to put a fast spinner in).


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