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Farmers win on Right to Repair :-)

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It's a great start, a 99.5% overwhelming majority being in favor should have some impact on representatives. Consensus is the key and luckily money can't buy all :) Thanks for linking the news!


@arbaman It just took a bunch of !#^&@@ off farmers who wanted to fight back against John Deere to get a lead on it.


@nick I understood that, here and there, from online commentaries. However, figures here are really impressive and encouraging !

To say it with A. Lincoln words: “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”

Enough is enough, in my own words..


@arbaman It takes a lot more then "end users will hurt themselves" or "they will use them to cut cats and do DPF/EGR deletes" to fool me. All it does is makes me laugh at your obvious nonsense.

Yes, people do delete the EGR/DPF and cats, but they never use *official* tools to do it - it's always derived from a stock tune and revised so you can run your car without cats or get around the ignition lockout mandated by the EPA when your DPF tank doesn't exist. THERE ARE NO OFFICIAL MEANS ON OEM TOOLS TO DEFEAT EMISSIONS DEVICES - it always happens on 3rd party tools and it always comes with the "off-road use only" lie to hide from the EPA's lawyers and court orders. When the EPA catches on that it's BS they sell the "illegal" tool under a new LLC and name.


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It’s not quite a win, really more of a statement of intent by a very influential state organization. We need to do the same thing in state after state, and then get their help working to get legislation passed. This is a great milestone, but is going to require a lot more work to get this over the finish line.

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We need anything we can get at this point with how many paid propaganda pushers are killing this legislation off to be fair as well.

It isn't a victory in the sense we have a victory on our side yet, but we've got something very helpful here. All it takes is a victory in one state and we've already gotten past a lot of the lobbyist issues.


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