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Counties in CA are banning DIY's Right To Repair!

While its an older law it makes it clear if you are working on your car, truck or tracker you can’t do major repairs at home on your own properly.

Counties and Cities Are Banning The DIY's Right To Repair!!

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The wording in the zoning law is just bonkers! What exactly are “tools not normally found in a residence?”


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Do they even bother enforcing it? There's more important things then shutting someone down who is working on their truck that is worth so little it would be a total mechanical loss with labor.


@nick I was wondering the same thing. Perhaps the zoning law is more of a deterrent than anything.


@kristen It likely is. Any sensible cop would think it's a waste of time - and rightfully so. It's too open to interpretation. The wording is bad enough it could make a Dremel "not commonly available".

It just sounds like one of those unenforced laws that nobody cares about since it's so dumb. As long as you don't spill oil into the street on purpose they probably would pick on a more important issue. At least in Florida I know we probably don't have such a thing (if there is, then nobody cares and the cops would rather deal with a real problem), so you don't have these issues.

It's probably just a CA thing if anything. CA cites the environment as a frequent reason/excuse to pass what I'd consider a nanny law. Yes to a degree it DOES matter and dumping a bunch of old GM tranny fluid or oil into the street on purpose is bad, but that never happens. It's usually just a small spill because the drain plug didn't reach the pan. People who do their own repairs know motor oil is not a refreshing drink that wildlife should have - if you need to be told that go to a shop.


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