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I added changes that were denied. How can I get my draft reviewed?

Yesterday I added a step and photo to the Epson DS-510 scanner guide. The change was denied. But no reason was given. So I feel a bit discouraged. I don’t have a lot of spare time to figure out ifixit’s policies. I just want to share what I learned. What’s the best way to have a conversation about a change to a particular guide, since changing the guide directly didn’t work? (Also, looking at the change history I see about 30 edits. The format of the change history doesn’t feel effective. Just looking at the number of entries… well, it’s a bit overwhelming. It would be better if that change history was a tree structure with a cumulative rollup at the top rather than a long list with each tiny delta created by someone experimenting and learning the content management system’s quirks. Thanks.)

The change I made was to add a new step #4 to the guide.

It had this photo:

Block Image

Below is the new step content I tried to add yesterday. Note that I have added more detail since then, but I figured I should just show what I was trying to add yesterday.

Step 4: Fast Repair Method

  • From Saul Rosenthal: "[You can do it] without disassembling any of the covers. Go directly to the rollers and remove, then follow removal of the stub shaft for your repair. Assembly required that the DS-510 be put on its side looking down into the access hole and ensure that the interior shaft is there to engage and complete assembly and reinstall rollers."
  • Step 11 photo 2 shows how the two shaft pieces fit together. In my case the interior shaft fell off and I had to place it using forceps (tweezers should also work). That's the hard part. Once it's placed you can add the second shaft and pop it into the holder.
  • If this is too daunting, you can remove the covers to get better access. See Step 5.
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Hi Vidad,

Thanks for sharing this. I'll look into it and see why the changes were denied. I appreciate your patience!


Thank you!!!


@vidadf No problem! Happy to help!


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Hi Vidad,

Thank you for posting about this! You did the right thing. The last thing we want is to discourage users who are contributing quality content.

We have lots of edits to patrol and don’t have enough time to verify the accuracy of every single edit so we often have to make a judgment call as to whether it seems like a good edit. In this case, it was a mistake of judgment on my part. You have made it clear that you put a lot of work into these edits and I will go back and approve them.

Sorry for the hassle!

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Sorry for the mess... the revision list was like 20 changes or something so I get it. Anyway, thanks for your reply. If you'd like I'll make the changes in a single clean edit without the extraneous stuff.


(Also, Sam, check out your linkedin page.)


@vidadf That would help us out, since the only way for me to go back and revert the changes would be to do so manually. Plus if you submit the changes again you will receive reputation you earned, if I manually enter them you wouldn't.


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