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Proposed change to content revision worklow

As a new member of ifixit, I wondering if the content revision workflow might work better with a couple of additions:

  1. when content changes are denied, a reason should be given
  2. a discussion section should be associated with the product page so members can discuss edits, drafts, ideas, etc. This would include any follow-on discussion or questions related to #1 above. Basically the same thing as the article discussion page on wikipedia.

What do people think?

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2 Replies

I like the idea! I have always felt like there should be a place for that. I feel like it would make making a guide a lot better

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Hey Vidad!

We love to see things with fresh eyes, thanks for the suggestions! I think you’ll be excited about what we’re working on! Edit denial explanations is high on our list, we’re trying to get it perfect, but we’re hoping to launch here soon =)

As for meta-comments, feel free to comment on the page itself for content suggestions, or make the edits yourself. If you have more meta-type questions you can ask them here on Meta, and the answers will likely apply to many pages and help others, too!

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