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Is 5G worth the cost yet?

I know I’ve waited on getting a 5G phone, but the reason I have is they’ve usually been a bit more expensive then I would like to spend on a new standard which isn’t quite there yet. However, it seems like things have standardized to a point unless you have Verizon with their weird MMW 5G bands, all of the carriers are on the same page - which is why I never got one before.

I got my G7 in 2019 so I’ve almost had the phone for 3 years, and that was when 5G was still relatively new. Before the 5G phones, the only advantage to buying into it was a marginally faster chip with the same 4G service. It was also harder to swallow the cost, since I buy my phones outright factory unlocked (well, new).

At this point, is 5G worthwhile and no longer hype?

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Hi @nick ,

One aspect to consider is that you may first want to check the 5G network coverage of the provider you wish to use.

5G requires a lot more towers to be built (or antenna arrays to be placed on multiple sites) as it has such a short range (350-500 metres) as compared to 4G (~16 kilometres).

You may be operating at 4G anyway if you move out of range of the antennas if the 5G coverage isn’t that widespread. It may depend on where you intend to use it most of the time and what for i.e. data usage not telephony, to get the value of having a 5G phone.

It does handle a lot more data, faster than 4G but because 5G has a shorter wavelength it suffers more from being blocked by walls, glass etc than the longer wavelengths of 4G and 3G

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Yeah my carrier is killing off 3G in 2022, so that doesn't matter. My old G5 Plus is done once that happens and is basically activation blocked at this point for new ones, but the IMEI is still clean. That said my G7 is good for a lot longer.

2G is done for so 2G support no longer matters.


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