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Apple restarts going after counterfeit products!

Apple stopped going after the knockoff MagSafe adapters a few years ago. Looks like their going after the knockoff Apple Qi chargers now!

Apple's Anti-Counterfeit Team Has Targeted Over 1 Million Listings on Instagram and Other Marketplaces in the Past Year

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This is so interesting to me. As someone who has purchased Apple knock-offs in the past, I can kind of see Appleā€™s point of view. I bought a generic version of the MagSafe charger to save money in college, which totally melted one day while I was using it. :(

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MagSafe chargers have always been an issue slowly killing systems as the chargers are not mimicking Apples as well as they need to.

One of the companies I had worked at had to deal with a very large suit as one of their employees set the hot that where staying at ablaze with one! In the end that one knockoff charger cost them over 10 Million!

Using a medical scale and few other tools, we checked every charger and branded each one that was real with the companies logo. As one of the risks they had encountered was at a meetings getting their charger mixed up with others, getting someone else's charger instead. Policies where also put in place to protect the company and putting the person using the system on notice not to use knockoffs and only use the ones supplied.

Apple's move to USB-C took them out of the damage a bad unit could do to someones system.

There have been quite a few damaged systems with some of these odd USB-C chargers. The lack of any way to know if the charger is real is still a big issue! It's not just Mac's its industry wide! Lack of standards as well as verification dialog over the connection so the owner knows!

These knockoffs look so much like Apple's you just don't know!


While this is about external elements, Apples refusal to offer REAL assemblies and discreet parts to independents is still an issue. Forcing us to scavenge for parts and then going after our parts we ship out to be rehab'ed (screens) and then on top of it serialize parts so one can't even swap parts!

FYI - With Big Sur firmware update the newer 'Thin Series' MacBook Pro's can't swap displays any more with a real Apple display!

Apple is tightening the screws!


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Yeah, my friend recently bought an Iphone se 2020 magsafe case, which gave his phone the ability to use magsafe accessories. Sadly, it was taken down not too long after

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@danj I know that HP does something to help in this case - they put an authentication seal on their charger boxes on in such a way so that you cannot mess with it and they're tamper evident.

Granted I got this one direct from HP but they also put the authentication seals on the ones sold at retail like the 45W at Walmart. I know this because I ran out and got the 45W from them due to a immediate need while this one was in shipping limbo. But I'm okay with keeping the Walmart one as well.

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