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Hello Meta, I'm new!

I’m Amber, the new Community Manager over at iFixit. You’ll be seeing me pop up more often as I start helping out to solve Meta issues once I learn more from your current group of fearless leaders. I can see you’ve all created a strong community in Meta to make things run smoothly and I’m so excited to join you!

A little bit about me- I am by no means a fixing master like some of you (your collective knowledge is absolutely incredible) but I am a “tinkerer.” This started when I was 4 or 5 and decided to take apart our family VCR so I could watch the tape spin inside instead of the movie it was playing. More currently, I like to make things based off of a good set of directions- cooking, IKEA furniture, DIY projects, and the like.  My most recent projects are a chicken coop for my 3 chickens, a greenhouse, and modding my Switch Joy-Cons (that I managed to make a few bigger problems than I solved, but I’m working on it!)

I’m looking forward to being a part of this community as both an end user and a fellow problem solver!

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Welcome to Ifixit!


Thanks @oscarsp!


@amber a belated Welcome from me as well.


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Welcome Amber! Where are you located?

We have people from all over this blue marble, soon the Moon and even Mars! ;-}

Someone in SpaceX is an iFixit fixer too! Even SpaceX gets it! Take a look at the Crew2 license plates!

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I'm actually from the same area iFixit is, in San Luis Obispo. I grew up in the next town over (so I've had my eye on iFixit for a while!)

Those are a pretty cool set of license plates! Maybe their team will be our first 'off planet' community members.


@amber - SLO is cool too!

I've driven through a few times and even visited iFixit at the un-conference Kyle had a few years ago! Had a great time.

You know... The Moon & Mars bases will need fixers! You might be able to score a seat on BFR ;-} SpaceX is not too far from SLO.


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