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WARNING! WD My Book Live users wake up to find their data gone!

WARNNG! WD’s Cloud based backup service Hacked!

I’m totally screwed.” WD My Book Live users wake up to find their data deleted

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Hello @danj,

I’m not able to see the article you’re linking to. Maybe the URL got cut off? Tag me if you end up updating it, I’d like to read what you’re talking about.


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@amber - Fixed the link sorry


Oh, nooo! I can't imagine having that happen! *poof* years of memories, hard work, and media just–gone.


@amber One more reason to distrust ANY WD made after 2010 - 2010 being marked as the "bad" starting point because WD started putting encryption on the USB>SATA bridge, so if it has a bridge failure you either lose everything, or find another one with a good PCB, open it and then transplant your good drive. Yeah, not fun.

Their 2.5" series uses the PCB for the connector on USB3 and Type C, so a bad PCB means repair of the sensitive part is now required. Getting it wrong is TERMINAL for any data on the drive!


@amber & @nick - The issue is any cloud service is exposed. The level of security of both the remote data site, the interchange between your storage device and the web based service (man in the middle attack) and lastly how your local data is secured!! This is where the weakness was.

The hack was quite ingenious, they didn't go for the servers data they traced the connection to the local device delete the users drives data via a Malware injection onto the users system and then both local and then server data was deleted!

The strength of the certificates and how they are used appears to be the area. This also gets into how data is stored.

Having a full archival backup is safer but it does require more storage space and effort to maintain. That is you can't delete the old data only add to it with new or altered files (duplicate with change).

Apple's Time Machine offers that level of service using local drives. iCloud on the other hand is a sync type of service so altered files replace the original and if you delete it its gone! So a man in the middle attack or someone with direct access to your system can wipe you out.


@danj More reason to use a proper NAS like a Synology.


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WD reacts and mentions two vulnerabilities have been exploited to reset some devices. They will offer a recovery service soon.

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Traditional backup using a rotation of drive sets is still the best way!

I have three rotations! One which I do daily, then a weekly and every other month. And I have a safety deposit box for my monthly backups.

This is for my work stuff. I still use iCloud for my personal stuff and move it over to a set of drives which I also rotate. I have yet to lose anything of importance!

Sadly, bad habits and laziness puts many people at risk. Which is where WD and others try to solve with their backup solutions.


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