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@danj, a step in the right direction, don’t you think? Supporting the OS’s, and making it the most accessible price of $0, for old devices is great!

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It's a bit hollow as most of these systems today are no longer in use.

Apple should have done this a four~five years out and not make it so hard to even get the CD media (only offering image download at the end).


Totally true–but maybe it'll encourage and make it easier for people practicing repair on much older devices. I know when I first started practicing repair I'd use much older things just on the off-chance that I destroyed it.


@amber I still think it's better to give even a new fixer a challenge, like HP BIOS passwords - gives them more experience early on since they no longer have a backdoor like they did before 2019 they can use.

Plus you can snag BIOS locked nightmares cheap - got a 840 G5 (120Hz IPS Privacy screen; 40-pin, so different LCD I didn't have in stock/IR camera/i7 8th gen) for cheap due to a screen and unexpected BIOS lock (put it this way - was not happy that it was hidden). I'm breaking into it just because of the i7 CPU when my tools come :-). HP quoted me $850 so I have NOTHING to lose since it's a bum unit since I'd need to replace both parts if I can't do it.

The BIOS password is easy with the right tools and experience, but the screen is going to be an issue - but if I can clear the BIOS, that puts me in a perfect position I can sit on it while I wait for a good price on the cursed privacy screen (or a non privacy 120Hz assembly).

Show them what you can own if you accept some higher risk :-). Worst case I'm out the laptop (which is good for parts), and $17 for the programmer (reusable on other locked machines).


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