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One week into January—let's have a contest!

Happy New Year Meta!!

Goodbye 2022 and hello 2023!

I’m not a huge fan of massive habit-altering new year's resolutions—personally, I feel that creating drastic goals during the holidays can cause us to misjudge our capabilities—I can only speak for myself, but I usually drum up ideas for self-improvement when I’m done eating my third helping of pie. Only then would I ambitiously hope to walk 20,000 steps a day for the next 365 days.

To avoid the inevitable disappointment, I’m writing to you sans food coma to propose a goal we are all capable of reaching.

Repair Hero of the Year!

This is a new competition that is all about taking the repair pledge and trying with all our might to repair the most stuff. We have two goals here: one, to get people who have never fixed to fix one thing. And two, to reward those who regularly fix for fixing a little more.

The TLDR; is that we want to reward the iFixit community member with the most repairs for the year. So towards the end of 2023 we’ll tally up each and every repair you all report and send a gift to the one who’s done the most (and a smattering of smaller prizes for some specific repair-categories).

To learn more, read this blog post.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you have!

So take the pledge, find some stuff to fix, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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@amber @krisrodriguez it's on! I've signed my pledge and hope we can all go bigger than ever. Like @krisrodriguez mentioned in her outstanding blog "choosing repair over replacement can save a family an average of $330 per year" let's aim for the biggest impact ever. 2023 can only be better than the last few years if we all work on it.

@amber slightly surprised you did not include a Repurposing category. I was thinking that this could be so important when it comes to our textile usage.....anyhow, I support this 100% :-))

Let's get it done.


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Just did my pledge too:-)

Let’s all make 2023 a great year for Right to Repair!!!!!



@hellomacos awesome. Should we create an international team and fix as many things across the Oceans? Hands across the borders and lets make 2023 the year we are fixing the world! A certain Norwegian comes to mind as well as a Knowledgeable German and a young man close to my state of Texas and I am sure there are many, many more. Lets make this our best year ever. Not just the year where I may have to retire from my job and move across the US of A.

Let them hear our battlecry loud and clear:

Repair is War on Entropy!!!!



Making an international team sounds like a great idea!

Once we have some people together who may be interested in joining we can all have a conversation on what to call the team and what the main priorities are:-)

And definitely make sure the world hears the battlecry!!!!!!


@oldturkey03 Just did my pledge now :D

As @hellomacos I would also join an international team, for sure!

I can’t post an image in the comments, so I’ll just post a link to the image instead: Repair is WAR on ENTROPY!!!

First time I saw this awesome tattoo, I thought of you @oldturkey03 straight off the bat.

Let’s fix the world 🌍



That tattoo is pretty neat!

That’s awesome that you would like to join a team

We need to see who else would like to join

I haven’t joined any teams yet lol XD


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Excited to hopefully see more people repairing their devices! I'm not sure how much stuff I will have to repair, but I will keep striving to create more repair guides and teardowns. I just recently created a guide for the new Omnipod 5 Insulin Pump PDM (Nuu Mobile N5004L); unfortunately, I'm afraid I can't tear it down too much due to the nature of using it for medical purposes.

I would like to make a guide on obtaining information from the FCC ID search engine; what device category should that guide go in?

Hoping to continue to contribute information to iFixit and the medical device repair space this year.

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@andrewsawesome do you mean you do not want to tear it down because you are using it or just because it's a medical device? I am all for tearing down medical devices. I predict that our healthcare system will go further into the disparity of haves and have not. I see it everyday. Lets put the information out there, make it available. Ultimately, it will be up to each individual to determine what to do with that info.


@oldturkey03 I don't want to tear it down because I'm using it as a medical device. However, I did find some nice photos on the FCC portal.


@oldturkey03 However, I have a lot of the older Dash PDMs I can tear down. I believe I took all the photos for repair guides but never put them up.


@andrewsawesome please don't tear your device down ;-) Not while you are using it. If you can use the older ones, that would be awesome. Think about this one. Somebody has such a device and is in a far less fortunate area/situation than we are. Maybe their device failed, and there is no help in sight. Governments don't help. Industry don't help (unless you have the cash). There is a large disparity between the haves and the have nots in this world. A good iFixit guide might get it back to work. Now YOU have helped a person to get back to controlling their DM and yes, making their live better. You have the power on making this happen.

As for the FCC search I think I would look at the Skills section of the Guides. There is a Technique section that might just be a suitable place for it. If you create a guide I am certain the great iFixit Admins will find a suitable home for it. Let us know when it is done and when we can link to it.

Andrew, Repair is War on Entropy!!!!!!


@andrewsawesome, @oldturkey03 is right. I think that your FCC search would fit well in the skills section under techniques.

@andrewsawesome, Just echoing OT's warning, don't teardown your own device, but also feel free to create a guide based on what you have. Even if it's just the core details and a few steps, this is a strong foundation that others can build upon.

The pandemic reinforced the need for medical equipment repair guides, so anything you can contribute (without compromising your own health), will help push us closer towards that goal.


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Amber Taus will be eternally grateful.