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New sort functionality on Answers

We've always sorted our posts in our answers forum by date of activity. This means that even minor revisions to a post (comment is deleted, edited by another community member, marked as duplicate, etc.) would push questions to the top of the question list.

We've just implemented a change that limits the criteria that pushes posts to the top of the question list, that includes:

  • Post is created by author
  • Post is edited by author
  • Post's answer is created
  • Post's answer is accepted

We will continue to sort posts by date of recent activity. Please let me know if you have any questions. And as always, we'd love to hear your feedback!

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Well it's not working well. I can't edit questions, put the correct device in, ask questions. Type a line longer than one line sometimes. Problem is I start typing a comment and it jumps me to the answer box mid-sentence. Both on the Meta site and the Answers site.

I'm now looking at a question that I asked a clarification question on from 3 days ago, the poster responded 11 hours ago with the required information and it did't update. So we will look like we are ignoring responses and not get the question answered as they will get lost from not updating. Having problem updating my own comments:

This is not good, I'm back 26 pages of questions to answer questions that should be current, it's not updating and these questions are just going to get lost. Sometimes I don't have three hours to go back all these pages to find one that has not updated!

I'm now getting error when trying to accept answers, sometimes it works,m other times I get an error message. gripe, gripe, gripe

Really, when I ask for a clarification and need an answer to give a competent resolution these responses need to be updated.

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You're right, and we're working on fixes today. Sorry!


Thanks for the quick feedback, Mayer! I think we've fixed all of the issues you've mentioned. Commenting on a question should now move it up to the top of the list view, and editing, asking, moderating etc. should all be working correctly. If you find any other issues, please don't hesitate to let us know!


Updating an answer is not moving it up. But the rest is much better.


We did that on purpose: the issue is that if a mod goes in and fixes up 20 posts, they all end up at the top of the site. Which seems a little unfair to everyone else. I'm open to discussion on this, but I *think* that not bumping edited posts to the top is an improvement.


Do that for your people. My UPDATES to a question usually add to an answer and help clarify it or tell the poster of new information found and do need to update the question.


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