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You can edit device names and make iFixit Answers a happier place


Did you know you have the power to rename the device in a question? It’s true! You can actually use this power to help a ton of people.

Sometimes members ask questions about weird devices like “Apple iPone 6s Silver”

Block Image

and, since we don’t have an “Apple iPone 6s Silver” (because that’s just wrong) the Answer links to an empty/non-existent device page.

Block Image

That means the author is missing out on all the information, guides, and other answers on the “iPhone 6s” device page (the real device page). And anyone who finds that post later is also missing out on that additional information. By simply editing the Device field in the Answers post, you can change the associated device to a real one.

Block Image

Even if you don’t know the answer to the member's question, you can still provide them with infinitely more information than they could have found on the “Apple iPone 6s Silver” empty page.

Block Image

As you may have guessed, we at iFixit do this quite often, in an effort to organize the site’s content and connect members with more information. But it’s something you can do too. If you’re in Answers and notice an empty device photo...

Block Image

...say, “Sears ride-on mower problems”, and you know that device should actually be “Craftsman Riding Mower,” change away! Members past and present will thank you, and we will be forever grateful!

If you have any feedback or questions, please let us know.


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I did four this morning. A lot of time just identifying the item answers the question.

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We appreciate all of the help! Thanks so much for pitching in :)


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