Camera data issue or site bug; pictures render wrong when uploaded

For reference: The problem I am having is related to this image.

I've been working on a series of guides for the Dell Latitude E6540, but I don't plan on doing too much with the system in terms of guides. I don't think it's worth it, since this machine is plagued with multiple major failures, but I don't mind making guides on how to recover components like the RAM, hard drive, memory and maybe a few other things since these can be reused in a more reliable computer. For anyone interested in the known faults, there's a section in the E6540 Wiki, which explains why I don't plan on making major guides for it.

The image issue has happened before, but I can usually reliably fix it by rotating the image and the image tool will happily accept it once I do this. For this one, that doesn't work. It absolutely insists on using this incorrect position no matter what I try. I've abandoned the image for the purpose of the guide, and compensated by using more guide markers.

Is this a fault with the EXIF data on my camera, or is this a fault of the media manager? If it's a media manager fault, then this is clearly a more serious bug then it used to be in the past since my workaround no longer works.

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Hey Nick, can you email the files that you're having problems with to rachel at ifixit? We'll take a look at your EXIF for ya.


I rotated it a few times, so it may be altered. But I'll send it anyway.


Hello @nick, are you saying that when you upload these images to the media manager, no matter their current rotation, they always upload at the original orientation?


They always seem to upload in the incorrect orientation for this one image. I took the images horizontal, but they always upload vertical. I can usually adjust it and recover it, but not this one.

The rest of them came out fine, so maybe it's something with the EXIF data,


Hello again @nick. I examined the Exif data for the image you sent to Rachel, the image you linked above, and the image in the E6540 wiki. Nothing stood out to me as abnormal. Can you try uploading some images again, and if you come to an image that won't upload in the correct orientation, please email the original file to me so I can check its data? In that case, too, would you send me an image or two that do upload correctly for me to compare their data? The original image files right from the camera would be best. (addison at ifixit dot com).


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