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Guide feedback request; T420 keyboard and RAM replacement

While I did not replace these parts with better ones, I still consider these replacement guides.

For the keyboard guide, my main purpose to get in there was to clean the heatsink out. It was running louder then I like with this particular Thinkpad, even after I repasted it with Artic MX-4. At this point, it was clearly a dust problem. I called it a keyboard removal guide since you need to remove the keyboard to get to the fan. I also figure most readers will use it as a keyboard replacement guide, but I also mentioned that you can remove the keyboard for improved system fan access when cleaning the dust out of these systems. This is probably the best way to get to the fan, minus tearing the system down to the midframe. The guide can be found here: T420 keyboard

I may be able to take better pictures with a new (or gently used) keyboard, since this keyboard may have problems due to being so heavily used. 30 of the keys are heavily worn out and 17 are worn out or coming close to becoming heavily worn.

The second guide is the memory. This was a guide I made while I had the system apart since you pretty much have access to everything outside of the processor at the point I had it torn down. The RAM was pretty much there, so I could quickly take ~6 new pictures and reuse the ones from the keyboard removal guide. I still need to work on a few things, but seeing as I recycled most of the pictures, it's really more to the point I have to correct a few things and make a intro, at the most. The guide can be found here: T420 RAM

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I like that you made some notes in the intros about what kinds of issues readers can expect to solve (or perhaps cause) by following the procedure. A lot of people skip this when writing guides, but I happen to think it's really important to frontload that information.

Text for the most part seems clear and to the point. (Like you said, the RAM guide looks like a work in progress, but so far so good!)

I won't comment on the actual procedures, since I know you know what you're doing! Overall I think they're shaping up to be great guides. You could probably save yourself some work next time by using prerequisites; that'll negate the need to recreate the same steps for things like battery removal and opening the RAM door. It also means that any update to that part of the procedure will cascade through all guides that use that particular prerequisite, so everything stays up to date.

Overall, I'm stoked! Nice work Nick.

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I found out about the ground on chassis for the RAM door when I had to reconfigure the RAM when I bought it, since it was done way worse then I did it with mix and match. When I bought it had 6GB (4GB 1333/2GB 1066), but the problem was the 2GB stick was being used by the Intel video and locked out from user use, so I had to do a slightly different RAM mix (4GB DDR3 1333/4GB DDR3 1066) to fix the performance issue that configuration caused. Maybe that's unique to mine, but I'd rather provide a heads up that it may become a problem.

As to the fan notes, I only mentioned that you saved yourself from learning the fan was bad because some readers may think it's on them when the fan was probably already on the way out anyway. They technically did finish the fan off, but it's better to do it while you're servicing the system then learning about it when you need the machine the most. It's really meant to help the readers out if something happens to the fan so they don't kick themselves for too long. I'm still watching my fan, because I have a feeling the rattling problem will come back.


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