Release Notes: June / July

We’re always working hard to improve iFixit for community members. Because a healthy site equals a happy community, which equals a happy us. That’s just math; you can’t argue with math.

Here are a few things our coders tackled since the last update:

New Features

  • We added the ability for Admins to better exercise their almighty admin powers on wiki pages. They are now able to Patrol new wikis by either accepting or denying them.
  • We added a bunch of new devices to our smartphone and tablet repairability pages. Check them out at and

Site Improvements

  • We redesigned the form on the 'Edit Billing Information' page to match the style of our ‘Create Account’ page. Now, they're like a lovely set of matching armchairs in a handsomely appointed room.
  • We improved the resolution of avatar thumbnails. Now, your avatars get the image quality they so richly deserve.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several issues with patrolling on wiki translations. New translations will no longer be skipped for patrol and the author of the source wiki will be able to make unpatrolled edits to the translations.
  • Fixed a bug where the sidebar menu on search pages would automatically open for certain screen sizes.
  • Put the “Save” button on the ‘Billing Information’ page in the center of the page, where it’s actually useful.
  • Modified the positioning and spacing of items on device pages so you can better enjoy these delightful pages across all screen sizes.
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