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Do People Receive Points For PDF's

I'm wondering if people receive rep points if/when something like a repair guide or teardown is downloaded as a PDF. If not should they? The reason for asking is that I downloaded "Sony Vaio PCG-7A2L Optical Drive Replacement" for further reference at a later time. I'm not ready to vote but I think it deserves points.

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Unfortunately users pretty much only get reputation points for upvotes, accepted answers, guide likes, and guide completions. We don't have a good way of tracking clicks on resources =( You can drop them a comment, or upvote them for now, and downvote if it wasn't helpful later. You can also upvote multiple answers if you were worried about that ;)

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@sodel excuse me for having to clarify your question. Remember, I am old and need to understand what you are wondering about. So you downloaded the PDF guide for the optical drive replacement from here Now you are wondering if the author of this guides receives points for that. If I am correct with this, then the answer is No. The author of the guide will have received 100 rep points once iFixit approves this guide (which sometimes takes years unless you are a student <hint> @sam @kelsea). The only points the author will receive after this is by anyone marking the guide as having been completed. If you like the guide and it helps you to finish your repair, mark it as completed to say thanks to the author.

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Oops I misunderstood, assumed this was a pdf on an Answers post!

@sodel You can also save a guide to favorites (Options>Save to Favorites), which generally gives 10 or so points, depending on how many people created the guide!


(Also good catch @oldturkey03 , this is a really old guide that somehow slipped through the cracks on approval!)


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