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Original post by: Evan Noronha ,


iFixit Community Release Notes 6/8/2018


Here’s some of the latest changes we’ve made to the site:

== New Features ==

* iFixit device pages will now show a breadcrumb menu!
* When you are in one of the 5 major sections of our site (Guides, Answers, Store, Teardowns, or Translate), the nav bar link to your current section will be highlighted


== Site Improvements ==

* We're no longer A/B testing Product 360 images. They'll now appear by default for all products that have them.
* In order to make our checkout page a little more fluid, we added a PayPal button to the page we send people to when they try to checkout without an account.
* We fixed a number of UI issues with our store's gallery view.

== Bug Fixes ==

* Fixed a bug where logged out mobile users could not change their language setting.

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