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Original post by: Justin Ogihara ,


Hmm this is interesting to think about. On one hand, if we take the article at face value we can say “oh hey look, Apple is doing a great thing by paying out the maximum rate for their repair technician during these unprecedented times!” However, if you look at the other side, it could be that Apple hasn’t been paying out the best rates for AASP’s, and we all know Apple’s history with not being the most consumer-friendly.

I also saw that more details about the Independent Repair Provider Program we [post|14231] that were just added recently. It looks like Apple wants to be able to hold “[|unannounced audits and inspections]” for every repair shop in their program in order to remain an AASP, which is a seriously laughable and ridiculous stipulation of the contract.

Hope you’re doing well and staying safe @danj ! And as always, thanks for posting and keeping these discussions alive!