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Original post by: Justin Ogihara ,


Hey there @oldturkey03

It’s just been a crazy and almost unreal time. I hope you had a good Easter weekend and are staying safe. You and your team are doing the best that you can, yet it’s a shame that your hard work and sacrifices are  “appreciated” through media and marketing campaigns instead of supplying medical facilities with enough stock to get through this pandemic. It’s also completely absurd that there are people out there protesting the stay-at-home orders and blocking [|entries and exits to the hospitals] when we’re quickly approaching 30,000 deaths.

In some good news, we’ve been working really hard on uploading [|medical device documentation] as much and as fast as possible. We’ve got more files to sort through, but thankfully our team of volunteers are helping us get this done. As of now, we’ve almost got documentation on 20 different device categories with many more to come.

Thanks for all of your hard work and go get ‘em! [|We will all prevail]!