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Original post by: Kadan Sharpe ,


Thanks for your Meta post!

We don’t shop around and buy batteries from other sellers to compare theirs to ours, but you’re totally welcome to do so!

We do, however, spend a lot of time working with our suppliers to improve the quality and performance of their batteries quite often. We do our best to offer affordable prices where we can, but it’s ultimately decided by a combination of factors.

Here is a non-comprehensive list of contributing factors:

* Supplier vetting and production using OEM specification
* Supplier availability
* iFixit quality assurance and testing
* Pain-free warranty support for batteries and other consumable items
* Comprehensive, US-based customer support
* Market supply & demand

The Meta forum is more for back-end discussions for how the website functions, bug reporting and user moderation. If you have further questions, we ask that you contact our Customer Support team via '''''' and they’ll be sure to address your concerns.