September 26th Release Notes

Site Improvements

  • Modified the queries on our Teams pages so that the pages load faster.
  • Previously, you could only duplicate guides into the category they were already in. Now, you can use the Guide Duplicator to to duplicate guides into any ol’ category.
  • Reputation received for completing guide translations is now capped at a daily limit of 200 reputations points.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented dragging and dropping categories in the category manager.
  • Fixed the alignment of the '@' in the username field of our registration forms. (It’s the little things that count.)
  • Increased the spacing between the main navigation bar and page content on Guide and Answer pages. It was getting a lil’ cramped in there.
  • Fixed a bug where moving a question to iFixit Meta didn't work if the question included an image.
  • Updated the background color of the buttons on our mini cart dropdown. Now you can actually read the buttons on our Pro pricing page!

New Features

  • We've begun rolling out our new WYSIWYG text editor to all comment-submission fields. Now you can use the provided buttons or keyboard shortcuts instead of markup, and you can preview text formatting prior to submission.
  • Our Australia store is open! Order your iFixit products from—and they’ll ship from within Australia, right to your door!
  • We took apart the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and assigned them repairability scores. We’ve added those scores to
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@mayer looks like the link -repairability contains an error. This one will get you there Should have been _ instead of -


Sorry @mayer there shouldn't have been a space between smartphone and _repairabilty. It's fixed now :)


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