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Did you know your log-in function is broken?

Hi. I wanted to make a corrective comment to an article, but your log-in functionality is broken.

First, Yahoo log-ins just don't work. That, however, isn't unusual.

So I went to log in with Facebook, but was forced to also enter an E-mail address. So I did. That doesn't work either.

So then I tried just using the E-mail address and a password, and was told to use Facebook.

Screen shot.

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Hm. This was working recently.

Facebook requires permissions before we can log you in, did you deny those? We should be handling that case properly but sometimes things get into a weird state with half completed transactions.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, we'll look into it.

UPDATE: 11/1

Looking into Facebook, which has nice graphs to help monitor things, we're still getting the same amount of average facebook logins. I think this may be specific to you.

Yahoo is more difficult to verify, they're a entirely different logic system.

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Thanks for the reply. I did grant all permissions.

I just tried it again, and when I click on "Sign in with Facebook," it still demands an E-mail address. This strikes me as a problem right there; is it not?

Today the behavior is slightly different: If I provide an E-mail address, it no longer demands that I log in with Facebook; it just says "Could not complete Facebook log-in" or something of that sort (I can't repro because now the Facebook and Google log-in options are greyed out and only Yahoo remains).

I don't have problems using my Facebook log-in on other sites.

Anyway, I don't expect you guys to knock yourselves out over this. Refreshing the page re-enabled the Google log-in, so I used that.


Weird. We don't really have any error messages to go off of.

It's difficult to keep multiple logins concurrent, we have to match off an an email address when you first login with an outside account, subsequent logins should use tokens to identify you.

If an email is different or gets changed after we've registered your account, some weird things can happen, which is why we try to limit how you login.

Unfortunately things like yahoo aren't used much and we're on very old API's that don't support a lot of fancy useful logic so sometimes things get lost.

Being able to log-in somehow is a win ;) sorry it's such a hassle. As far as we're aware the majority of people don't have an issue so it's not getting a lot of attention.

If you ever experience not being able to login to any account, please let us know, there are some things on the backend we can do to reset stuff which generally fixes issues.


Go Go Google!


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Are you using Kaspersky by any chance?

I had the same issue, then realised that Kasperky’s data collection blocker will stop sites from checking to see if you have a Facebook or Google+ account.

If you are using Kaspersky, disable the data collection blocker in the Google Chrome plugin and refresh the page and it should allow you to connect. Once that’s done, Kaspersky can be turned back on and you won’t have any issues with accessing the site via your Facebook/Google+ account.

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