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No more editing? Why?

I cannot edit questions answers and stuff like that. I know this was a update @evan... But how can I edit out phone numbers and emails and whatnot now? Do I need to ask one of you guys? This was a very useful feature. how much rep do I need to edit them? =(

also, it gives me the option to edit questions, lets me edit them, says I edited them, but never actually got edited. halfway there...

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Hey Aiden,

We raised the rep required to edit posts and answers. You can see the updated required rep for different actions at

The highlights are:

- You can now categorize a device at 100 rep instead of 1000. These categorizations will go through Patrol and need to be approved by a Site Admin.

- You can categorize a question at 200 rep.

- You now need 5k rep to edit a question.

- You need 50k rep to edit an answer.

I know it's a little weird that all the fields appear even though you can only edit the category and tags. We'll be fixing that in the coming weeks.

Our site mods and high-rep users can handle editing questions and answers that need it. Plus, anyone can see the history of a post, so removing personal information has no long-term effect on protecting users. All we can do is warn them to be safe and trust them to follow best practices. If you see spam, you can still report it using traditional means.

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When I've had to do it, I understand that. It's more about keeping the information from being visible to someone who doesn't know how to find the history.

It's best to remove it to hide it to the extent you can and educate them.


true. not many users use the history feature. at least its not in plain sight...


We're really not concerned about people seeing phone numbers and serial numbers (unless the phone numbers are spam—those should be moderated). It's mainly bots that scrape data from our site that users should be concerned about.

Basically, once the information is in public view, even for one second, it should be considered compromised. That's not to say that we shouldn't clean things up—we should. There's just no rush to do so since the damage is done the second someone hits "Submit."

Removing information is just beautification. People and bots looking for sensitive information already know exactly where to look. Non-malicious users don't care about seeing personal information, and malicious users know where to find it even after it's "deleted."


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@evan How do I categorize a device? Is there a wiki about it?

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