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Sent to a board supplier.

Hi Folks..

Some questions

How do you test your boards? Can I assume you have hundreds of models of different TV sets to use for testing?

Do you have schematics for all the boards? If so, how did you obtain them?

Are the boards supplied from the manufacturers as new or refurbished?

I’m an old engineer and capable of board level troubleshooting and repair, but without paperwork almost impossible.

Have I become your test jig? In industry, we had HP “bed of nails” test jigs to test all manufactured boards by inputting parameters with test points and probable defects in a readout.

A suggestion..

Develop a database with all known problems for each board or sets in general. (Make, Model, serial #, known probable defects and causes, suggested repair or direction to probable board) with some tips as this is your business you are best to develop this. I know that it is impossible to “troubleshoot” each and every question, especially from those that are not trained, but this would go a long way in helping us professionals to provide better timely service, thus enhancing your service and more sales. This will allow us in the field a fighting chance. It will also allow your bottom line to improve, as more people will be able to work with your company thus creating more sales. A set of short video’s showing probable defects (screen video problems and audio problems) if the sets are sort of working, whereas one could see a problem and it will be linked to your solution, thus I purchase the boards or parts as needed from your company. At present I can only guess at a possible fix and given that there are only 3-4 boards per set, it’s difficult to determine which one to replace. With the cost would become unsatisfactory to wholesale all the boards to find that the screen is the problem. The set’s are not worth the time and effort; thus your business will slowly decline over time.

Do you purchase boards from known working sets that have only screen damage? I have a few and get more in weekly from cracked screens. Also if you have the ability to repair boards why are you not taking in bad boards (which I have many) for repair or refurbishment for resale.

Anyway, my two cents.


Jim Moltion E.E.

2944 Rt 11

LaFayette, NY 13084


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