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Holy cow, that was terrible (iPhone battery ibnstall)

I should have gone to the genius bar. So many issues.

  1. The battery adhesive strips are very fragile and easy to ruin. If you ruin them then you can't put the phone back together and you have to wait until ifixit ships you a replacement set.
  2. Taking the protective film off the adhesive strips didn't work the way the video showed. Instead the adhesive strips stuck fast to the protective film, almost guaranteeing that a first-timer will ruin the strips.
  3. The instructions don't mention that you should remove the old case-gasket adhesive. If you're going to replace it you should remove it and if you're not going to replace it you should remove it.
  4. There were so many places where the photographs didn't show the details of what the step was trying to accomplish--I was left guessing and hoping.
  5. It's incredibly frustrating that the instructions for putting the phone back together was left as "oh, just do everything backwards." Putting the phone back together was much harder that taking it apart
  6. Where is the diagram of "here's what your kit comes with and here's what each part is used for"? Even Ikea does that.

Yeah I get it that if you've done twenty of these, it's a snap. So if you already know how to do it, then you don't need detailed instructions. But if this is your first battery replacement, this is just terrible. I was fortunate and got most of the pieces back together and had a working phone in less than two hours. But because the buying instructions didn't mention that you should buy a spare set of adhesive strips, I was terrified that one wrong slip with those adhesive strips was gonna leave me without a phone for two days--minimum.

Two hours, you ask? It doesn't take two hours to do the work. It takes two hours to read all the instructions, guess what they mean, click through and read all the additional instructions and videos, watch the videos, and then if you're lucky enough to figure this out ... click through and read all the comments as well. There were two steps that were only made clear by reading the comments.

And frankly, given the risk of losing your phone for several days if you do something wrong, reading all the instruction details and comments is the right thing to do.

A terrible experience.

And it could have been made 100 times better if the sales materials had given me a better idea of what I would should have been expecting.

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You must understand that thousands, if not millions have done this procedure successfully. On their very first try too, with exact same materials and resources you had. Some people are not very DIY inclined, you may be one of those people. Please do not discourage others from making the same repairs you did because of your inability to do it. Many people even enjoy repairing things themselves.

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