iFixit Community Release Notes 3/1/2018 to 3/12/2018

Our team has been hard at work to improve your experience across our site. Here's a roundup of some of our most important changes from the past two weeks!

New Features

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  • We've updated our manifesto page at https://www.ifixit.com/Manifesto to show our manifesto in your view language instead of only English. There will still be links at the bottom of the page to download the poster in your language of choice.

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Site Improvements

  • Google supports ratings microdata in their search results, and we used to use that feature to tell Google how we rated products through our Teardowns. Unfortunately, from the search end of things, it looked like our Teardowns were being rated poorly, so we've removed the rating microdata. Now there will not be any star ratings next to our Teardown search results.
  • Flags on wikis are now translated when they previously were only shown in English.
  • We've made a handful of small tweaks that should improve the experience for our international users. Text that previously could not be translated is now translatable, and our internationalization team is hard at work ensuring your local version of the site is complete and accurate.
  • Our campaign banners are now responsive, and will be selected based on the width of your viewing window.

Bug Fixes

  • Our store was previously only showing translated breadcrumb trails when viewing the index page for that store (i.e. Mac, Tools, Console, etc). Now the breadcrumb will be translated on all product pages and intermediate store navigation pages as long as there is a translation available.
  • Previously, if you input a bad coupon code on our checkout page, the text would appear with each line laid over the previous, like it was written by a typewriter with a broken carriage return. Now, when we decline your coupon you can actually read the reason why.
  • iFixit admins were experiencing a bug where information was missing from the comment list on the /Moderation page. This was occuring for content that was automatically filtered as spam by Akismet. Now, if a comment is automatically deleted by Akismet the action will be attributed to iRobot rather than the commenting user, and text describing the action will actually appear in the Passed Votes log on the /Moderation page.
  • We fixed a bug where Answer's forum moderators were shown a moderator vote option that should be reserved for our spam robot.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented users from rearranging the order of steps in a guide.
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Dang @evan, you're about to end a big shopping spree! Look at that order!

Oh I think I'm going to get a manifesto in Korean, just because it's so cool.


Well I gotta take advantage of that employee discount!


Plus using the warranty is easy. You bring it up during work and swap it at work ;)


Small correction @pccheese, that's the Japanese manifesto! We don't have a fancy design for the Korean one at the moment!


@sam when I saw it I thought it was Japanese! I might have to learn that language sometime... but I haven't even started on German, Arabic, Greek, Russian...


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