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This post is deleted - again and again and again

Hi guys! I was trying to ask a question about fixing my Ap***ple Wireless Keyboard.

There is **no** brand names, no urls, nothing. Just me asking if somebody has some experience with removing the last part.

I’ve even had to remove the Ap***ple name.

The post gets deleted immediately.

Is there some workaround? I remember last time mentioning my AudioTechnica headphones, it finally got submitted after I replaced it with ATH. Which is laughable.. :)

Is there some special language to be used or any other way to submit a sane, polite, completely valid question? Thanks

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@shopaholic looks like you got caught in our spam filter because you posted the same question twice:

I un-deleted your posts and you should be good to post new content again. Thanks for checking in with us.

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It got deleted the first time, so I waited a minute, removed the A**** brand name and resubmitted - to face the inevitable once again.. :)

Thanks anyway, solved now. :)


You're welcome. Sorry for the trouble!

There's no need to censor brand names by the way. Our spam algorithm takes into account all sorts of factors you cannot control—content is just one of the pieces. Now that we've marked some of your metadata as "safe" you can post without iRobot targeting you with bias!


Gotz to love my buddy iRobot :-)


@oldturkey03 :) I love iRobot too! It helps a lot but it’s learning ;p


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