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Now What! Apple just time bombed the new systems with T2 chips!

I had a feeing it was just a matter of time ;-{

iMac Pro and 2018 MacBook Pro Systems Must Pass Apple Diagnostics to Function After Certain Repairs

The key is the last paragraphs and I quote:

Moreover, when the iMac Pro and 2018 MacBook Pro are eventually classified as vintage products, meaning they are no longer eligible for hardware service from Apple, repairs through alternative channels might not be possible.

MacRumors has reached out to Apple for comment. 

This requirement is a result of the T2 chip, which integrates several previously separate components, including the system management controller, image signal processor, audio controller, and SSD controller. It also features a Secure Enclave coprocessor for secure boot, encrypted storage, and authenticating Touch ID.


Well, bad news its real! I encountered the issue with a 13” MacBook Pro TB which had a bad display.

Apple’s T2 chip will block some third-party repairs of new devices

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That’s one fat L for self-repair, and one more win for Tim Crook. Hopefully someone can design a solution to fool the T2 chip.

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We've certainly seen this coming and it pretty well confirms all the hard drive issues we've had since the advent of High Sierra. I guess we no longer have laws about monopolies in this country. I wonder when we'll start seeing the lease programs for Apple products, you obviously don’t really own one.

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We actually just got a chance to respond to this! The software isn’t locking hardware out, at least yet! This is definitely an opportunity for an error 53 bricking to happen to laptops, but it looks like repairs won’t be immediately disabled. So, fingers crossed!

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This might be the start of it MacBook won't power on after display replecement.

I've replaced the display from a dead Mac to fix another a few times TB & Fn 2016 & 2017 and had no problem! Here Mattis is having problems with a Chinese supplied display assembly.

I'm thinking there is a some ID string which is being sent between the display and the system. If the ID is not one of Apples then thats the kill switch.


@sam - Just encountered the lockout! Its real! You can't use non-Apple displays!

I was able to get the system working by only using a second 13" MacBook Pro TB screen.


Alack and alas! That sucks! =( Thanks for the report!


@danj Can you describe what happened in detail please? Was there an error message, etc? Any chance it was just a defective display? Apple told The Verge last week that displays would not be affected...


@jeffsu - Full display from China, they claimed it was an exact match. Looking it over it looked the same as the Apple unit. All I needed to put on the chin plate (Apple logo).

As for it being good or bad: When I connected it up the system turned on brief flash on screen then black nothing else. I then undid the connections verified it was properly connected tried again same reaction. Then I took the original display plugged it in it was working as best as it could. I then took screen from a real system and gave that a try it. It reacted flashing the screen once, then it restarted and this time is booted up.

So do I have a bad part? Its possible! Now I need to try another display (in transit) to see if it was just bad.

I've replaced two other displays in the new series MacBook Pro's, it's an easy repair, I was lucky I had junkers to steal the display from. This was the first time I had tried this supplier and I was nervous if it would work.

My theory here is Apple is programing the display after they get the part from the supplier. It's the most likely part to be ID'd. Repairing the logic board might get you into trouble if you altered the RAM, flash or the T2 chip.

I truly hope Apple will wise up and hire a company as a parts clearing house. Similar to your deal with Motorola. That way they don't need to be involved with small parts orders.


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