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Hi iFixit I am receiving ransom threats!

Hi iFixit I am receiving ransom threats from an unknown (as yet!) attacker. He/she is in possession of a unique password which I have used to log into this account. This p/word is not used for any other on-line activity. I surmise that it was obtained through a hack of this portal. Of itself it’s not that concerning to me but it may be an issue for you.

Let me know if I can help further.

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We’re taking this seriously, please contact with any relevant information. If you could provide a copy of the email (with sensitive parts redacted), that’d be great.

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Is it the one where they say they have taken pictures of you via your camera while you were watching !!%@ sites and there’re going to send copies to everyone in your address book? I got two of those last week except my MacPro does not have a camera. They told me not to contact the police. Problem was they got me and my son mixed up with the password “popo50”. I wrote them back and told the Russian SOB to Google popo & five 0. Didn't heard back from them. This was an episode about a scam on a series calledBlack Mirror on Amazon Prime. Here’s the episode synopsis, remember this is Science Fiction!

"Shut Up and Dance"

Kind nineteen-year-old Kenny downloads an anti-malware program to fix his infected laptop. Unbeknownst to him, the program activates his laptop camera, which records him masturbating to internet !!%@. Hackers threaten to e-mail a video of his act to his entire contacts list, unless he follows their instructions. Another victim of the hackers gives Kenny a box with a cake inside, which he then has to deliver to Hector, a man being blackmailed over infidelity. Kenny and Hector get into an assigned car and drive to a bank, which they must rob using a gun hidden inside the cake. Kenny robs the bank and they drive to the drop-off point in a nearby wood. Kenny alone carries the money, as Hector leaves to destroy the car. In the wood, Kenny meets another man, who is being blackmailed for watching child !!%@$%!!!@$. The man explains to Kenny that they are to fight to the death and attacks him. Kenny manages to kill the man, but the hackers leak all the blackmail material of their victims anyway. Kenny receives a call from his crying mother, where it is revealed that he too was masturbating to child !!%@$%!!!@$. The police arrive at his location and apprehend him.

Oh I found it in my trash folder:

?popo50 is your passphrases. Lets get right to the point. None has paid me to check you. You do not know me and you are probably thinking why you are getting this email?

Well, i placed a software on the xxx video clips (!!%@ material) web site and you know what, you visited this site to experience fun (you know what i mean). While you were watching video clips, your internet browser initiated working as a Remote Desktop having a key logger which provided me access to your screen and also web cam. after that, my software gathered your entire contacts from your Messenger, FB, and e-mail . and then i created a video. First part displays the video you were watching (you have a good taste haha . . .), and 2nd part displays the view of your web camera, yea it is u.

You get not one but two possibilities. Shall we read up on each one of these options in aspects:

Very first choice is to skip this e-mail. in this case, i most certainly will send out your video clip to every single one of your contacts and thus just imagine about the humiliation you can get. or if you happen to be in an important relationship, just how it is going to affect?

2nd solution should be to pay me 7000 USD. We will name it as a donation. as a result, i will instantaneously discard your video. You can continue on your daily routine like this never took place and you surely will never hear back again from me.

You'll make the payment via Bitcoin (if you do not know this, search for 'how to buy bitcoin' in Google).

BTC address: 16hdGmyM8TDcxzqMLmPpzsM6g9WYKfMMSm 

[CaSe-sensitive, copy and paste it]

if you have been wondering about going to the law enforcement, okay, this e mail can not be traced back to me. I have covered my actions. i am just not attempting to charge you much, i just like to be compensated. You have 48 hours to pay. i have a specific pixel in this email message, and right now i know that you have read through this mail. if i don't get the BitCoins, i will, no doubt send out your video to all of your contacts including members of your family, colleagues, and many others. However, if i receive the payment, i will erase the recording immediately. if you really want proof, reply with Yup! & i will send out your video recording to your 5 contacts. This is the nonnegotiable offer, and thus don't waste my personal time & yours by replying to this e-mail.”

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Uhhhh, what is this all about? I don’t necescery see what the point of this answer is...


"I am receiving ransom threats " @ajcooke01 These scams come around every once in a while, go away then reappear. Kind of like the Nigerian money transfer scams of a few years ago


@mayer Ohhh, I see. Thanks for the explanation. :)


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